INDIA182: Day 100 debrief. . .


I woke up from a good nights sleep with the sounds of children along with the following sounds of the scrambling of feet. I stumbled upon the first day of the two day children’s club ran by King’s kids for the street kids in the area!

It was really good to travel around the wonderful land of India and see the foundation of seeds sown in the upcoming generation.
Joining in with the King’s kids, I got to get closer to the staff and also find out the greater amount of English these kids know here, which is good, because I could talk more instead of big actions. Haha

Guwahati is good! I have yet so much to learn about the language and culture and people! I have already met a great Brazilian friend (Érico) whom had lived in this state for almost 4 years! He has already been an inspiration to me in his passion and desire for these people, and through that, he has learned the local language here (Assamese) to be able to evangelize more wherever he goes!

Prayer requests:
Please pray that this following week will be informative and revelational as I have stepped in another area of India full of different cultures and people! I’m excited! (:
Also pray for Érico and his youth club house ministry in a fruit of more volunteers and a fruit of greater wisdom and rest in God’s commitment in his vision!
Pray for the kids here to have a godly foundation and seeds sown will be found sprouting up and higher with fruit with passing years!

Thank you for being patient with me guys! I have been caught out of credit again and all of the Internet I didn’t have transferred to my phone credit! Haha!
Pray that the DTS here will be rocked by God’s love and be born again in seeing that everlasting life is now with Jesus! And I speak in faith that they will be deep lovers of God through His revelation and His love alone. And through that, they will seek His kingdom which is here now and find life in the shadow of His wings!

Much love from India!!


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