INDIA182: Day 101 debrief. . .


Oh wow! So many connections received today from wonderful people that have encouraged me through the visions they have received from God. It’s like a wave of connections today!! Haha!

This Sunday started with an early fresh start. I was invited by Érico to come to this church where he met the founder the other day; he was Brazilian as well. Érico having studied tons about the northeast before coming and settling here. He have been uploading tons of information since the last night on connections and cultures and tribes and languages! So much more to learn haha!

We arrived at the church where I got to meet up with Marcelo (the founder of the church) a Brazilian whom also came to Guwahati, learned the language here and planted this church! Worship was moved by the Spirit greatly and the word given by Marcelo was impacting to a scale that the church gave an immediate response towards his message of unity.

After the end of the service, I had the chance to chat with Marcelo and speak to the many of the congregation as well about who I am and why God has brought me here; encouraging them to continue persevering and having hope towards this city.

Because we were pretty close to Érico’s youth club house, I decided to go with him to check it out. It was a perfect place for his vision to reach the youth! I was really excited to see such a passionate guy following God all the way to India in the northeast and to see his vision slowly materialize!! Praise the Lord for His faithfulness!

I also got to meet Érico’s first disciple that he made through this ministry! He was actually a person that I met in the church earlier! His family is all Hindu except him which is a great encouragement to see Érico’s obedience to fruit coming to stand in confidence in Christ! For the rest of the day, I spent it in the youth club house playing games with the guys, having cake, coffee, and shakes, and chatting about places we’ve been and our visions and passions!

Good Sunday. Thank you Jesus!

Prayer request:
Please pray for the youth in this area of Guwahati to continue rising up for Christ in their families through in revelation of God’s love! Also pray for tomorrow’s ministry in the slums as we will be passing out medicine for them and praying for healing as well!

Much love from India!!


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