INDIA182: Day 102 debrief. . .


This week is jammed packed with ministries which is amazing! Thank you Jesus!! I woke up early with a sound mind and less time to get myself together. Haha I was super pumped to get out to the slums today. There is just something with the slums that gives me excitement whenever I’m planning to go. Jintu (a staff in Ywam that works in the mercy ministry) took me with him first to the northeast regional director of Ywam where I got to see his wonderful baby boy who really reminds me of me when I was young; extremely noisy and restless! Haha yes, my parents are legends.

I had a wonderful chat with them, and got a chance to share with them this ministry vision that God had given me. It was really good to hear more comments and suggestions towards to the ministry; along with a wonderful suggestion which I took in from the Dutch wife of the regional director: to connect yourself with like minded people whom will continue encouraging and building up this vision! She also gave me contacts in the north of India to meet whom she knew were passionate about the same kind of sphere!

Then after she fed the baby boy, and he fell asleep, we were ready! (: On our way, we also got to pick up these two nurse volunteers from the states who have been in India for already 2 months! It was really good to meet Tessa and Rebecca and see their heart for missions! The slum location that we were heading to was a place where most of the trash collectors would be in. Through the frustrations of maintaining finance and food, there have been some developments of bad habits such as: chewing tobacco, over intake to alcohol, and smoking.

But we just came in with love and help. We gave out medicine and checked illnesses, cleaned wounds and prayed for those people afterwards. (: the thing I admired with this ministry was the added cost to the medicine. So the medicine which we were handing out would cost money for these people in the slums. Though we would charge a lot less, it gave the medicine and people here more value; than just making some of the people think that can’t afford anything.

We spent around 2-3 hours walking around the neighborhood slum to check the families and update with them. For every week on Monday, they would come to this slum for medical check ups. We arrived at this family where they invited us to eat some food as well; which was some good beef so I couldn’t resist. Haha

It was a good morning and afternoon! Even though I didn’t do much in the ministry except pray and hand out pills, it was good to talk and chat with the people and with my new friends!

After arriving back to the base, it was almost a full day! Right after I got back, I was invited to go play volleyball with some of the DTS boys! Agh, I wish I brought my camera there because it was so so beautiful!! The volleyball court was right next to a majestic mountain with the sun setting over it! Oh my goodness, I basically got distracted with God’s beauty during the volleyball match. Haha Jesus is good!

An outreach team came later that night from Manipur; a neighboring state in the northeast. I got to connect with the youth and share with them the value of being under the will of God. I was told earlier by the regional director in the reason why there are such a lack in staff in the northeast. The reason is that either the church or the parents would allow the youth to come do DTS but would want them to come back afterwards to work under the church, if they would want to continue working in missions. And through that, they would earn a salary instead of volunteering in Ywam and not being able to provide for their family and possibly future family.
I encouraged them that it is God’s will that is more important because truly the rest will be provided and I shared with them a testimony of my own life recently. It was good to break the ice with these youth to show that “focusing on the kingdom and the rest will come” is really true in our lives today!

Please pray for the slums here in Guwahati. That the Lord will show his healing power and bring His kingdom and glory towards this place! Let the mercy ministry have a greater amount of fruit in staff and also opportunity to share the Gospel to these wonderful people!
Continue praying for the Ywam DTS students to be encountered by God’s grace and mercy; I trust that God will not let any DTS student here leave before they have encountered His love for them!
Please pray for the presence here in this base. May there be a greater amount of joy found here; and strength would rise up along with hope!

Much love from India!!


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