INDIA182: Day 103 debrief. . .


Urgent prayer request!
Mystery of my disappearing clothes along with the need to wash them!
Since about a month ago, I have been losing clothes! Every time I try to think of where I might have put them, I can’t remember anything! Haha please also pray that an opportunity shall show itself where I can wash these stinky clothes. Clean clothes are running on an all time low!

So this morning, I had been giving the chance to lead worship for the DTS. It was really an honor to step into the presence of God with them and praise Him for who He is! The base was filled with prayers and cries of joy which brought tears to my eyes to see God slowly working in their lives.
After the worship, I got to meet a Dutch couple who were the teachers for the next two weeks. And coincidently, they had done their DTS in Ywam Perth as well! Haha ahh! I love how many people I meet that are connected with people I know!

Afterwards, Érico invited me to head over next door to see another ministry that was a bible school for new believers! Marcelo, the Brazilian guy that I met on Sunday was there teaching as well, and I had the chance to chat with both of the leaders there over a spot of tea and biscuits. (:
And since both Marcelo and I needed to exchange some currency, we were taken out to the places and had even more time to chat about ministry and randomness. Haha

The only issue was that I had an appointment for a ministry at 2pm but we were getting pretty late with waiting for the money exchange. BUT praise Jesus! Érico brought me to the place where the ministry was just starting so we made it in time! Yay! (:

The children ministry was started by a pastor that is now leading the church, which I was in last Sunday. A couple of the youth from the church had come as well to play games with the streets kids and teach them songs! I was invited lastly to teach them BANANAS UNITE!! Hahaha which of course was a big success. And thus another batch of children have turned themselves into bananas!
Though the ministry was quite short, I got to see the kids connect and pray and have fun which was worth it! (: I also got to meet up with the youth that were there to talk to them about interests and Jesus and the works.
And that was the day! (: we headed back just in time for dinner and just in time to jam with the DTS students with songs in Hindi. Let more joy come Lord!!

Prayer requests:
Please pray for Marcelo’s trip back to Brazil and may the Lord continue to speak to him on his growing vision of coming back to this place!
Also pray for the youth the church I was in on Sunday to continue growing in belief from revelations of God’s love as they go everyday to do evangelism in the college campuses!! Go go Jesus!
Jesus will you please please go and remind these people that there is only life through the cross which is the new tree of life that was inaccessible in the past in Eden from our sins. But it’s free for us to take from everyday through our faith in Him!!

Much love from India!!


One thought on “INDIA182: Day 103 debrief. . .

  1. Alphra Tse says:

    Dear son,
    What is BANANAS UNITES?? Sound fun 🙂 Uou need to teach us after you come back home ^^ Love mom

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