INDIA182: Day 104 debrief. . .


Sooooo coooollll!! Jesus is awesome!!
That is all I have to say.

Haha just kidding! Debrief is of today is coming, I promise!
Also be expecting an 100th day newsletter summarizing all of the current events into one letter (if that can happen.) haha so exciting!

Anyways, today very was unexpected. God showed himself so many ways. I started off the day with Érico heading out to do some necessities both for him and I.
GREEEEATTT NEWWWSS!! My prayer requests have been answered. I got to wash all of my clothes today in Érico’s house! YES! Clean clothes! Hah!

Along the way to different locations, I got to meet with different people that Érico had connected with and even discipled! It was so encouraging to see this Brazilian guy not really Brazilian but more Assamese from what God had given to heart for these people. From all these people I met, I got to also connect with them and pray for them and encourage them that they were never alone in this, because many of them are the only Christians in their family.

When the evening approached we were still on the move from people to people that Érico wanted to update with. We headed to a Hindu family that invited us to their own temple they built for their gods. Érico and I spent the time just talking to them and building relationship in the temple as they smoked and we drank tea. Haha it was really an eye opening experience of another form of evangelism to build such a relationship no matter where you are. I could really see the effect us bringing God’s presence to that place where it is less likely where Christians would like to go!

After the glamour shots of the villagers and us, we got to disciple and encourage the son who was the only Christian in the family that invited us; and also talk to other youth there. I got the chance to speak to them about true success and my testimony through that. Success is not as the world has distracted us to think; which is a never ending cycle of the focus of money that will never lead to happiness.
We chatted and prayed for them as the meeting led us past 8pm haha and we haven’t had food and there were no more buses to take us home! It was okay because Érico knew this believer who was manager of this restaurant with AMAZING food!

Here is one of the unexpected joys of God’s presence. For some reason, as soon as I came into the restaurant and talked this friend of Érico, Arfak, my spirit inside just jumped with joy!! I must have looked a little crazy towards this guy but it was really great to see the wonderful heart this man has, being the only Christian in his Muslim family. I was so so encouraged and given hope through this guy! It was because of this guy and the many people that I have seen with Érico, so sincere in Christ, that I have come here and I am praying for more if God’s kingdom to come!!
And to my joy, I found out Arfak’s name meant healer! Hahaha so so cool! He was telling me of the change he has seen in the restaurant since he started managing and I encouraged him in God’s presence working through him just being there and showing his heart!
This guy is lovely! Praise the Lord that I could meet him and feel the great heart he has!

Prayer requests:
Pray for all of these people that Érico have connected with to grow ever so closer to Jesus and that Érico would grow in wisdom and discernment to show His love to them!
Pray for Arfak and his ministry in the restaurant as his presence there continues to brings God’s love and joy there!
I speak in faith that these people’s love for God will burn untamed!!
Let them cling to Him, knowing that He alone will satisfy! Jesus I trust you with these wonderful sons of God. And if I could do anything to show Your love to them, may Your will be done!
High place worship and intercession coming soon along with 100th day newsletter!
Thank you guys for keeping updated and traveling with me through thick and thin. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for your prayers! God bless you guys and I love you all with deepest gratitude!

Much love from India!!


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