INDIA182: Day 106 debrief. . .


Today had its highs and lows. Praise The Lord that He is bigger than these issues and that we should run into, if not already be, in His presence. And it is He that is our refuge and fortress. The God whom we trust and abide in.

This morning, I was awakened with a fresh clear mind and pumped to head up this high place! I was joyful to hear some good news from my friends around the world and to know that I’m never alone in this.

Érico an I headed out at 7am sharp, just to make sure that we would beat the traffic and hot sun in the afternoon. We arrived towards the bottom of the mountain and started the climb. I was really enjoying this exercise and stretch of my persistence as we climbed up the steep, sometimes stair-less, mount. I started thanking God as memories came starting from the beginning of this journey of India182. God was really showing me His faithfulness through out it all. And was continue to remind me to cling to Him an trust Him!

After a 3-4km hike up, we took a pit stop in this small village/town half way up the mount. I got to treat Érico in some good Indian breakfast and we got to just praise God for such a great climb!

After the short break, we started off again because we haven’t reached the top yet! But praise the Lord! We arrived after 1-2km walk! God had still given me strength to stand on this huge rock and look over the wonderful city of Guwahati. It was amazing to look over the place and picture and imagine God’s flood and love washing over the place and all people stopping their cars, coming out of their houses to see God and cry to Him and dance for Him and be filled with joy!

Érico made a splendid suggestion when we got back to his club house. He suggested that we should watch a movie! And since it was a James Bond movie, I couldn’t resist. Hahaha

Through out the rest of the day, we got to talk to many of Érico’s friends. It was good again to connect and see how much I am for relationships! The more I have travelled India, the more I have seen my excitement and passion for this. Soooooo good!!

Prayer requests:
Please pray for Érico and I as we had got into an argument tonight. Please pray for the breaking of anger and frustration and bitterness in both of our hearts. Pray that forgiveness will come in and fill us which will evolve to peace and rest.
God is bigger than this and I want to maintain this great brotherly friendship. May our connections stay strong and in love as the enemy’s plan is to break this. May I humble myself to have my honor depend on God and Him alone. Thank you guys for your prayers!

Much love from India!!


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