INDIA182: Day 107 debrief. . .


Thank you Jesus that You’re bigger than the issues we see in life and Your love abounds to all ends!

I’m happy that today, God has given me greater rest and peace towards what had happened yesterday. I was able to understand that what we had said was from stress and the works of the enemy. We didn’t mean what we had said to each other.
It didn’t mean that everything was reconciled of course but God had given me a greater understanding and through that peace. (:

And even a greater joy was that my appointment at Érico’s youth club was still going to happen! Today’s adventure set up from our departure towards the youth club.
And joining me on this adventure would be Kezha! A new found friend that I’ve grown closer to during my time with the DTS here.
So we started off looking for a bus. And to our disadvantage, we found out that the bus workers of most of the companies were on strike today! Haha I’ve experienced this in India before but didn’t think it would happen here. So we walked a bit till we could catch a bike ricksha, and from there, headed a bit to the central of town. During this adventure, I have to admit that I was quite disappointed at first from what had happened yesterday and whether God wanted me to head to this club house. BUT God told me He wanted me to go soooooo I said okay! Then provide the way!!

After we got off the bike rickshaw, since there were no buses to catch, we had to take an auto rickshaw (motorbike type) which takes a lot of money. But trusting God, He provided!! During our search of cheap auto rickshaws with Kezha trying his bargain down the price and me praying silently behind him, we just randomly bumped into a guy that was kind enough to split the price with us because he was passing by that location! Jesus is good!! So we got to split the price, and I got to meet a new person and speak to him. Good trade huh?

Soo we arrived! Yay!
It was a little earlier than expected but Kezha and I grabbed a few cokes and biscuits and chilled, playing table tennis. Haha Érico was also preparing His famous cake for the gathering along with the winning Brazilian coffee.

Everything was set for a good afternoon/evening and it was! A couple of guys that Érico invited came and had a blast learning/playing their new favorite game UNO. And of course leading to their next new favorite: JENGA.
Afterwards, Érico invited me to play a few songs for the boys there and we just chatted about our lives and random Hindu texts and such. It was a great night.
Lastly, Érico led the group into a discussion about their views on what freedom is, just for them to think about it.

Cake came and vanished.

And that was the end of the night.

Kezha and I said goodbye to everyone, I joyfully got more contacts from the new friends I’ve made, and we were off; finding a cheap auto rickshaw pretty quickly, praise the Lord.

Adventure Day 107 accomplished. (:
He is uber cool and faithful.

Prayer requests:
Please pray for these boys that I had met tonight will continue being drawn to Érico’s club house and may the love of God rock them like India has never seen!!
Also pray for Kezha to find the joy and not the burden of being a Christian and what it really feels like to be born again.

Much love from India!!


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