INDIA182: Day 109 debrief. . .


I am Jesus happy today! (If that makes any sense!) haha

The sense of anticipation for my departure from Guwahati was already being felt. A lovely girl from the DTS was serving me extra tea just because of it! I have no idea why these things happen sometimes, but thank you Lord! Haha

Yato, one of the DTS staff kindly took care of everything in booking the ticket for tomorrow and seeing that I would get an auto rickshaw in the morning when I left the base. (He’s the quiet kind of guy but with an amazing servant heart.)

I woke up rather late today not really expecting much to happen but was I in for a surprise. Since it was my last day in the base, I decided to sit in on the DTS teaching about relationships which was AMAZING; and gave me such a greater understanding of what attraction truly meant and the difference between that and lust.

I wrote this down for part of my notes:

Sometimes we have been revealed with something so much in a wrong sense, that we think it is complete evil instead of it being just corrupted and twisted by the enemy.

God, please continue revealing to me that everything that You have created is good and not evil. Bring forth the truth to the wickedness that has shrouded Your natural creations of relationship.

Cool stuff ay?

I was totally refreshed with that teaching and encouraged to pursue God’s love even more! I sat down with Ole and his wife both from Denmark for lunch just to see how much they represented what they were talking.
Relationship with God since the very beginning was crucial!
So I sat down after the teaching and read this crazy mind-melting book, The Divine Conspiracy, which brings forth a greater focus and understanding of life with Jesus now than heaven or forgiveness; of course that stuff comes along with it. But it is intimate relationship that’s the target.

And of course much more where that came from but just a more concise depth in this relationship of friendship with Jesus!
I was seriously so wrapped up with chewing on these revelations that seemed to be the wrapper of more revelations, I nearly forgot that the DTS had ministry today!

I immediately jumped on the opportunity. And without a doubt, it was so nice!
Ole and his wife also met up with us to go aid this villages near the stone crusher of our place.
Now stone crushing is a job which requires blowing up rock or parts of a mountain, and crushing it to smaller pieces so they could shipped towards road building, or cement. . .etc. And the village that lives half way up this mountain mostly occupy this job.

The hike was tremendous. I am coming close to finding a new love in mountains and climbing them. Ole and I got to talk on our way up about musical instruments and things haha also got provided more information in the urgent need of more volunteers for this ministry. Because the only one that is taking care of this ministry and visiting the village and giving out small medical aid, is one girl staff that is planning to get married and possibly move away from this place in one year.
Ole and I could see how sad it would be to lose such a founded relationship, in such short time, with this village, whom have already called Aboli, sister.

They were a fun, curious, and loving group of people; With much innocence and much to learn.
Much of us just stood and prayed for the people and kids silently as Aboli gave medical aid to scraps and bruises and cuts. But it was a good experience none the less; to see these people welcoming us with smiles and gestures to sit with them.

Thank you Jesus for a final great day in Guwahati! I am truly blessed to have experienced what I have experienced here. God, I pray that You will have people remember the state of Assam and its continuous need for You.

Also please pray for the people in the tribe to be ever closer to Jesus. And may they be convicted of our addiction to tobacco; that they may see how much it hurting them though everyone may be doing it. Pray that more hearts around will be touched for this ministry and the people that need Jesus.
Please continue to pray for the DTS in Guwahati to be touched and blown down by the Holy Spirit! I pray that their fires will be sparkers of flames in the northeast.
May God provide a restful night tonight and a fresh morning, to step into a new land where countless of God’s awesomeness is to come.
Final prayer is for this:

That you may have a grander scheme of the Father’s love tonight.

I hope you have/had a good day!!

Much love from India!!



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