INDIA182: Day 110 debrief. . .


I woke up to the sharp ring of my alarm clock. A dim light was blinking through the blinds.
I fumbled for my phone to have a glimpse of the time: 5am. It was time for me to get ready to leave.
I consciously sharpened my mind for the most part to make sure I have packed everything and got everything together.

There has always been a sense of excitement that would come as I am about to move to a new place.

Mi mi, a DTS student woke up just to say goodbye again and made me some morning tea. Such a good sister she is.
The auto rickshaw arrived a little late but I made it in time to see many others still waiting for the train to arrive.

The train was fine. I wasn’t awake most of the time to experience the short journey and neither were the people beside me. Haha I just remembered looking out once and seeing vast green pastures with trees, surrounded by horizon hills.

A sense of peace and rest started befalling on me as I arrived to this new place. As I expected, no one looked at me like I was a foreigner because everyone looked like me! Haha! It was good to sort of blend in for a while. I was quickly found by this young man named Roko. He just currently joined the Ywam staff here at this base and was super excited and joyful which was a great uplift for me. We had a friendly chat for about an hour in the auto rickshaw before arriving to the second largest base in India that I’ve seen! I immediately felt a greater rest from the homey atmosphere of the place. Roko explained to me during the ride that because the DTS was out on outreach, only three staff were here taking care of the base. I was already informed with that before which was fine for me.

What I wasn’t informed of was the base and Nagaland preparing to have a visit from a person that I didn’t expect to meet! When Roko told me Loren Cunningham was coming to Nagaland, I was really shocked and confused because of what I heard about DNA happening in Dehli with the founders of Ywam but not expecting at all for Loren to come here! What I later learned was that Loren has a great heart for Nagaland especially.
Haha I’m still astonished that this is happening! Praise the Lord!

Though there were little staff, I was invited with such hospitality and love as I was brought around the green lush who’s property was given free of rent for 5 years since Ywam started here! Crazy!!

The only ministry that’s operating here is this ministry called lighthouse. There, children from poor families around the area would come for tuition everyday for their studies. Because of the guidelines, I am not permitted to take any photos of the ministry.

That afternoon, I got to brush up on my math as I stumbled through trying to explain an equation to a student. Haha I actually am really thankful that God has given me a time to remember what I’ve learned. Spending time with the students had given me flashbacks on my schooling years of adolescence; they are so much more behaved than I was

Prayer requests:
Though there seems to be not much that may happen here, pray for this time to be a greater time spent with Jesus and what He has for me here.
Tomorrow is evangelism with Roko so I’m super excited about that! Please pray that we will have the courage to say the things He wants us to say and the discernment on what He doesn’t want us to say!

New place. Already lovin it!

Much love from India!!


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