INDIA182: Day 111 debrief. . .


I have many things to be thankful for. Jesus thank you that I have woke up today, and that I have food to eat and clothes to wear and wonderful friends that pray for me and care for me.

Today, I woke up with vigor! Praise the Lord!! That’s a cool word: vigorrr.

Roko had our breakfast and tea, played a game of chess to stretch our minds a bit, and we headed off for evangelism!
For Roko, this guy loves evangelism. He just says that for some reason, he can’t help but want to go out and speak to people about Jesus so be goes out almost everyday; which is freakin amazing!!
So me and this young, passionate guy went to visit some houses nearby to pass out Bibles and pray over whatever they needed. We arrived at this Muslim home where a mother had asked us to pray for her daughter whom is having a skin disease. I took a look at the medicine that the mother was applying to the girl and gave a few suggestions from what I knew and we prayed for her and encouraged the mother to continue praying for her as well.

Roko and I also got to encourage families of their prayer life with Jesus and that they have the ability and gift to pray to God and others as well wherever they are! It was really great to have seen the hospitality of some families we visited and their humility to take from us!

Afterward evangelism, we arrived back in time for my meeting with the YWAM director here, Supong. We had an amazing time chatting about, me with my vision and asking for more suggestions about it, and Supong’s knowledge about his nation of Nagaland; spiritual atmosphere and all that good stuff.
What he told me was some consider Nagaland to be the Sodom and Gomorra in the Bible. Though it is a Christian declared state, the corruption and hypocrisy is shown greatly through the different spiritual atmospheres of the lust for money, violence, and judgement. Supong also described about history behind Nagaland and the youth’s addictions to alcohol, tobacco/drugs, and clubbing; due to the lack of recreational and media activities around Nagaland. This chat really gave me a greater understanding of need in this place, along with a greater heart for this nation.

There was the lighthouse ministry later that afternoon, which I can’t show pictures from, but it was very good to continue brushing up on my math! Jesus, You’re good!

Preparing for Loren Cunningham’s arrival, Roko and the other 2 staff girls headed out to the get some traditional Nagaland dresses, which are super cool! As you can see from the pictures, I was quite enjoying myself. Haha!

Prayer requests:
Please pray for the nation of Nagaland to come back to the heart of God. May they not only have knowledge about God but know Him intimately through desired relationship with Him!
Pray for the breaking of the stronghold of money and the lust behind it. And also pray that this nation will have their eyes opened towards their addiction to tobacco and the curse behind it; it’s not part of their culture.
You love this nation Jesus. You have given me a greater heart for it already. I pray that You may move greatly in this place again with discipleship from the fading fruits of revival that has already hit this place.
Pray that the people may see Your light and be free!

Much love from India!!


One thought on “INDIA182: Day 111 debrief. . .

  1. edenfogarty says:

    I stayed in Nagaland when I went to India in 2010!!! I love that place man, we stayed at an orphanage, one of the best times of my life!!! You should stay there ;] – Eden

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