INDIA182: Day 112 debrief. . .

I am so besides myself with this place!! India truly has been a blessed journey for me! I seriously have not expected any of this to happen!! I’m am still in a craze of excitement right now!!

So today was a pretty relaxed day. I got to participate with the staff to clean up the base to get ready for the leaders and Loren Cunningham’s arrival. I was just joyful to help clean and get closer with the staff!

The night before, Roko and I had some bonding time as we set up a projector and watched a movie. We later talked about our testimonies and just praised God for how awesome He is! This guy is loving Jesus! So good!

Later that night, I was invited by Kelly, one of the girl staff in the base to her house for dinner. All of us headed out to check out how good her mom cooks chicken! I was filled to the brim as we laughed the night away with stories of mission trips and funny animal experiences.

I ate fried grasshopper that night.
It wasn’t that bad! Haha that was the excitement of the night!

We decided to walk back after dinner to burn off some of the rice that was toppling in our stomachs. The amusement of our walk was mostly of my uncontrollable hiccuping haha the funny part was it got all the dogs barking at me from the houses we past.

Good day and good night!

Prayer requests:

You guys are so faithful and lovely if you’ve made it here; just want to encourage you with that!
Please pray for my discernment in where God wants me to go next as the weeks are slipping as quick as sand through fingers.
Also pray for the children here to understand and know that God cares about their school work and their studies and wants to work with them! May they come to Him to help in remembering what they have studied an trust that He will guide them through out their studies and school life! Jesus is soooo good!!

Much is happening tomorrow!!
Can’t wait!
Debriefs coming sooooonnn!!

Much love from India!!



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