INDIA182: Day 113 debrief. . .

Theme for today!
Intercession time with the staff for Nagaland + story time with Ben & Heather!

We woke up pretty early to get everything prepared for the regional directors for this area to get here. In the morning, the staff and I gathered together for intercession time. We prayed for the ministry here, lighthouse, the upcoming DTS to be a youth that would be captivated by God’s love, and also to speak out our fears so that the Lord would be able to refine us more and more in just fearing Him alone. It was a wonderful time with Jesus as the Holy Spirit came and gave us a refreshing in the spirit.

After our rushed time gulping down our lunch. We set up everything by 11:30 in expectancy for the leaders to arrive.

It turned to 2:30, and we were waiting. During that time, I just got to ingest more wisdom and knowledge from God through reading a cool book!

Roko and I were sorta expecting to be able to go out and do some evangelism in a near by college. The restriction was the unknown time when the leaders were going to be arriving so we had to stay in today because we wanted to give them a good welcome!

The wait was worth it! Supong and the regional directors arrived along with two leaders that I met in Guwahati! They were apparently in for the meeting with Loren Cunningham as well! It was good that night to have a good chat with familiar faces along with unfamiliar faces. I seriously love connecting with people and relationships! Jesus is so good!!

That night, we had a dinner with Ben and Heather! It was a revelational time as they told us their story of God calling them to go over a mountain to reach another tribe in Nepal that had never heard about Jesus! The story was so amazing as God showed them His faithfulness through their obedience. Now this couple that was from Europe has lived in India for such a long time, working with the people and seeing God work through their specific prayers in their land. It’s crazy to see what their doing!!

Prayer requests!

Please pray for Loren Cunningham as he has a slight fever and cold from his travels. Pray that he will be healed in Jesus name as he travels here with a vision to share to the nagas!
Please also pray for my discernment in the Lord’s leading voice as I step into another move soon to a new place but still praying about where! His will be done! May I be ever obedient to His every whisperings to me.

Much love from India!!



One thought on “INDIA182: Day 113 debrief. . .

  1. Alphra Tse says:

    Dear Heavenly Father, please reveal to Martin where you want him to go for the next station. You are the Alpha and Omega, I believe you have planned where he should to go. May your love, grace and protection be with him all the time. Amen

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