INDIA182: Day 114 debrief. . .


Theme for today!! Loren Cunningham’s big pick up!

At the start of the day, we did some work duties, had final chats with Ben and Heather and got ready for Loren Cunningham’s arrival!! YAYYY!!! To our disappointment, we found out that Loren’s flight was delayed. So we sat around and chatted some more with each other for 2 more hours.

During this time though, I got to connect with this girl named, Anino. I got to encourage her through sharing my vision for India and also connecting with her through her passion for the media. She got really excited when she heard that I was heading up to north India pretty soon and told me to connect with some of her Ywam friends there in Jaipur.

FINALLY!! The anticipated time has come! We received word that Loren Cunningham was near arrival and immediately sped to the airport which was seriously not that far away. Haha as the time arrived, we held our breath as a striking figure came out in view: it was our beloved founder Loren Cunningham with his wife Darlene Cunningham! The whole airport which was almost 50-60% ywamers were filled with joy! The kind faces that I had seen pictures of on the back of 3 amazing books I have read was in front of me! Praise the Lord! Roko was shaking in his tribal dress by the way but I assured him that he made a good welcome. Haha
The founders were pretty tired after their conference in Dehli and the airplane ride, so after a few hellos, some group pictures, they hopped in a jeep to the hotel booked for them.

And that was the day.
There was of course the lighthouse that afternoon which is a prayer request needed for these children to trust in God and themselves in their studies; they should find out that having their friends do their homework will not help them in the long run.

Prayer requests:
Please pray that these next days will be guided by the Holy Spirit as Nagaland gets some good news from Loren Cunningham we can get more of an understanding of questions that we’ve had this season! Also pray for Loren Cunningham’s health as he is recovering from a fever/cold; may the Lord give him strength and fill him with rest from the last months of his traveling around!

Much love in India!!


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