INDIA182: Day 115 debrief. . .

We woke up in a sweat from a call from Supong telling us that we were suppose to come to this certain church in the morning.
We only got the memo in being ushers in the church in the afternoon BUT it was alright cuz we had about an hour to freshen up, get in a car, and head to this baptist church called DABA.

It’s been a while since I’ve been in a baptist church. I grew up in a baptist church but it was never this conservative. People rose like they were machines when they were supposed to and sat when they were suppose to. But other than that, the service was quite good! I’d say one of the highlights of it was this youth quartet that got up to sing and they were phenomenal! Loren also gave a great talk about Jesus being the main importance and how He is found in every book in the word; that the knowledge of Him cover the earth like water cover the seas.

After the wonnnndeerrful service, we headed out to the back of the church and chewed on some mo mo’s (Northeast dumplings) as pastors came to talk to Loren and we got to chat with new faces. It was during this time that my fake identity of being from Nagaland was being revealed! Oh no! Haha

After the morning service, and a short break back at the base, we sped off again in the afternoon for another service at a church that Loren was speaking at.

Oh yes, before that, I would have to mention that the staff and I were treated with ice cream by our beloved Anino whom has been driving us all around town today! A special thanks to her!

So we arrived at the church; Wandered around a bit because an earlier service was still going, got to play with a few puppies in the back next to an owl in a cage. You know, normal stuff. Haha

The worship of the service was a lot more Protestant than the earlier service this morning, though the people were still stiff and stone-like.
It was a issue that was bothering me but I know that Jesus could bring life to these traditions that the people have known for so long. Jesus, I trust in You for these people!

The church was packed and still as Loren spoke a powerful message of one of the best news I’ve heard!! Loren talked about the current age of internet evangelism! And the high potential of the whole world being able to hear the gospel by the year of 2020! Yes Jesus!!

By the time of the people in the church had started to disperse, I got a few contacts of a few key leaders and headed to the dining hall of the church to find Loren and Darlene asking me where I was from! Haha my identity as a fake ‘Naga’ was revealed as I told them I was from Texas and Loren told me his father had grown up there. It was a little chat but it was good to be able to connect somewhat with the founders!

Praise the Lord for the amazing news that Loren brought to the Nagas of Nagaland and also to me!
What a good night of connecting with people here along with having good food with good friends that seems I’ve known for a long time.

Prayer requests!

Please pray that God will continue to rock this land of Nagaland with discipleship and a desire for an intimate relationship with God! May He awaken those that have been sleeping and may He bring this state alive and hungry for His extravagant love!
Also pray for Loren and Darlene’s last day in Nagaland tomorrow as they come to visit the base before they fly out. May they find rest and joy and peace on their journey back home knowing that they have done what You have willed for them to do!

Much love from India!!



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