INDIA182: Day 116 debrief. . .

I had the most lovely sleep last night! Thank You Jesus! And for everyone else, it was very good as well! I awakened with a great vigor (2nd time I’ve used that word) in the early morning of 6am. We set out to clean and sweep up the base before Loren and Darlene would arrive. It was pretty funny to see everyone so anxious to have the founders of Ywam to arrive. We made sure every leaf was in their place, every stone, every ant! Hahaha it was good to see the staff work to hard.

Loren and Darlene’s arrival was like a dream. They came, they saw, the chatted and prayed, and left. It was such an honor to be able to see their hearts in blessings this place of Nagaland. What was unexpected was my chat with Darlene. She excited skipped up to me and with a wonderful smile talked to me and gave me advice for this vision that I had with connections though there was already something similar to that in Ywam. She really wanted to connect me and pray for me through my confusion. It was a really great chat and relief which showed me God’s faithfulness and love. I really wish I would have had more time to chat with them! But there’s always next time!

After Loren and Darlene’s visit, Roko and I took Akaba(base leader’s son) out for evangelism because the day was still young! We headed out to a couple of village houses nearby whom Roko had been keeping in contact and disciple with. (It was so inspiring to see him doing this by himself everyday at an age of 18!)
We got to mainly talk to the families and ask them how they were and what we could pray for. Akaba was amazing in the prayers that he prayed out. It was great to see a passion growing in Akaba during the evangelism as well! By the end of the afternoon, we decided to head back to base and thank God for His goodness and strength that He provided us the whole day! It was really good to see Akaba pretty excited as well to have joined us!

We had a night music jam together, played a game of chess, celebrated a birthday with a girl staff. And that was the day! A long day but an amazing one!! Praise Jesus!

Prayer requests:
Please pray for the base leaders and the staff to find rest tonight from the busy busy schedule they have had the past weekend preparing for Loren and all the events.
Also pray that I will be set afresh for tomorrow’s worship and intercession for the high places and strongholds in Dimapur tomorrow as Supong takes me around tomorrow starting in the morning.
Thank you guys again for continuing to be faithful and reading this! I really am grateful for your time spent to intercede for me and pray for me! Sorry if the updates and debriefs aren’t coming exactly on set to each day! You guys are amazing!

Much love from India!!



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