INDIA182: Day 117 debrief. . .


My last full day in Nagaland!! The land of the giant ants and people that look like me, I will truly miss you so!!
The day was pretty much set up. The day before, Supong had gotten me ready for the full day with him for worship and intercession in the different locations around the city. Supong was such a champion as he came to the base with this amazing motorbike to take us around in, with the advantage of avoiding the traffic.

We set off pretty early as Supong brought me to almost all of the temples and strongholds in the area for me to pray for and declare Jesus’ reign in that area. It was really encouraging to see Supong’s heart for this place to be reached and touched by the Holy Spirit. He also explained how much Dimapur did not have all Christian people in it as people would assume; and most of the ‘Christians’ that call themselves that are not really in an intimate relationship with God.

The main area of where he was taking me had no churches at all. This area was the place where the train station was located and all different people from different parts of India would come and settle. It was a complete change on atmosphere to the rest of what I have seen in Dimapur, Nagaland.

After our trip around the city, Supong invited me to his house for dinner. I spent the remainder of the day at his house spending time with his kids and encouraging the son to continue pursuing his dreams, whatever they may be! I had a really good time that night just bonding with the family for the final night and thanking them for all of their hospitality. It was really a blessing to see their family so close and their children so learned in the Lord! I seriously can’t wait to see what dreams God has for these children!

Prayer requests:
Please pray for the base of Dimapur to come to greater fruit in staff and support, as they are already praying for the coming DTS; that God will show Himself to these students and bring them closer to Him!
Also please pray for the city of Dimapur to wake up and see Jesus, the light of the world, when He awakens them to discover His desire for relationship rather than rituals!! Jesus You are good! Thank for such a wonderful week full of Your faithfulness and goodness! I trust that You will take the many prayers for this place and answer them in Your time!
And finally, please pray for my rest tonight as I will have to catch the train at around 5am so I’ll have to wake up at around 3:45am. May I sleep in God presence tonight and be filled with strength tomorrow to see what else God has for me in this new area He is taking me!!

Much love from India!!


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