INDIA182: Day 118 + debrief!

Theme of today: full day train ride with Jesus and new found train buddy!!

Nothing much to report today!

I arrived safely to the train station with Roko! God bless him for coming with me so early in the morning! I got to rest a bit in the train for a couple of hours with not many people in my berth at all surprisingly! After that, some people started coming in. I was just enjoying my time with Jesus and listening to some podcasts most of the ride. I of course made some more friends on the train ride as people went and left. I was, towards the end, just talking to this guy that was leaving at the same place as I was. He was a really smart man that was really into concepts of religion and culture and what was going on in the real world today! Sooo I spoke to him about that and sowed little seeds of what the main focus in relationship and eventually relationship with Jesus!
It was really good to connect with this guy that had certain questions about life including his religion!

I arrived at around 10:30pm. Got to the base safely. Praise the Lord! And now going to sleep! Good day with Jesus!!

Prayer requests: may my time with the base leader tomorrow be filled with connections as I am super excited to speak to this guy that has been recommended to me in communications and such! Also pray that the northeast will continue to be changed and awakened in their authority and identity in Christ!
Amen! Let it be!

Much love from India!!



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