INDIA182: Day 119 debrief. . .


This place is amazing. God gave me great rest upon arrival praise the Lord! Had an early rise at 6am to meet up with Anan (one of the staff at the base) and headed out to meet the SOFM class that was in session in the teaching base. I spent some time in a teaching about conflict and confrontation which really taught me more on my approach towards a person after the conflict and how it is described biblically!

I have always enjoyed the great measure of things I do not know but can understand each and every day! It’s amazing how many new things I can learn everyday! Thank you Jesus! AH! Haha

So after the teaching, I got to meet up with the teacher/base leader/recommended communicator: Kima.
It was an immediate connection and spark for the both of us as I gave him a brief view of the vision that the Lord had given me for India! After the session, Kima and I rocked out to a nearby mall to chat some more on both of our visions and of Siliguri as well. Kima was so kind in uploading the information of the spiritual strongholds, the formation of the city and how it was brought up historically. It was a long talk but an amazing one with many exchanges of information and encouraging opportunities for me in the northeast! God’s will be done though!

That afternoon was sooooo gooood! It was really nice to be able to talk to another visionary and connect with a like-minded person who I could brainstorm with!

After our chats of things coming up or still evolving in our future lives with a bucket o’ chicken at KFC, we headed back to the base for some rest and debrief what we’ve just received from each other. So exciting!!
Annnndd the next 2 weeks are already set up thanks to Kima! Haha

Anan and I headed back to the base, we ate dinner, and I finally watched Slumdog Millionaire. It’s a really good movie !

Tomorrow is gonna be amazing! Jesus!!!

Prayer requests:
Siliguri strongholds
-a gateway between the northeast and central India.
-fear of man/gods

Also pray for Kima and the visions and dreams God has put in him. May he find rest and peace from knowing and trusting that He will lead him there.

Also pray that God will bring light to my situation of confusion and worry what’s happening next. And may I be filled with peace and love from knowing and reminded of Jesus’ unfaithfulness!

More to come from this city soon!

Much love from India!!


One thought on “INDIA182: Day 119 debrief. . .

  1. Alphra Tse says:

    Dear son, God is not a God of confusion. His purpose and wills are always clear and in changeable. As long as your purpose and goal match His, He allows us to accomplish it in our own way or in the current situation and arrangement God has provided or arranged for us. I think the rest of it is our courage and faith in Him. Always look up and knowing you are not do it alone. You are doing together with Him. Even RIGHT NOW. LOVE MOM

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