INDIA182: Day 120 debrief. . .


Another early wake today and straight to the teaching base for some good and finalized teachings of conflict, confrontation, and resolution. The SOFM started off with some worship which was filled with the Holy Spirit!! YES! It was such a good time. Though it wasn’t in my native tongue, I thanked God during that time that He is the same in whatever language we praise and worship Him with!

During the break of a teaching, a guy approached me from the SOFM to remind me of our earlier meeting 3 months ago in the Lonavala base! (The first base I arrived to in India!!) It was a blast from the past as I praised God for such a meeting again with Samson whom I haven’t seen for such a long time! I got to encourage him about God loving his heart and will continue to grow it! And He got to share with me about his vision for his town which he was the only one who is Christian including his family! Jesus, You are faithful and stronger!!

Kima and I went out after the session again to catch up some more and chat about what’s next for me this week along with more of Kima’s testimony of God leading him to be able to lead the base of Siliguri by the age of 26! So good!

Tomorrow, the plan will be super duper! Since I want to start my travels in the north India by the beginning of December, Kima and I set up a schedule of my travels around this area by that time!

So tomorrow, I’ll be heading up to the mountains in this city called Kalimpong! The plan is for a stay there till Tuesday and then a move to Darjeeling (another mountainous placed city) to check out the ministries and do worship and intercession! And I’ll come back to Siliguri afterwards to finish the rest of the month here!

Prayer requests:
-good rest for tomorrow’s trip up the mountains to the city. (3 hour bus ride)
-greater understanding in the Lord’s relationship with me and our victory over death through Him!
-please continue praying for Siliguri to be found opening their eyes to see Jesus being here the whole time!!

Much love from India!!


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