INDIA182: Day 121 debrief. . .


TESTIMONY OF THE DAY: God cares about transport!

So the plan was to meet up with Kima in the morning and he would escort me to the bus station to Kalimpong. It just so happened that I watched a little much of the available tv series of glee season 1, last night, and I woke up in the panic from the possibility of being late! (Which I had plenty of time, but wanted to be on time.)

So the current dilemma of packing up my things for the week stay in the different locations and basic morning duties. I rushed out with just about an hour and half left to be able to make it to the city. So I communicated with God about this matter and left it in His hands!

As I was winding to the road to catch a bus, I saw that a car was parked right in front of me. It didn’t really surprise me until the guy that was leaning on the car asked me where I was going. And to my surprise, he said that he was going to the same place as well and asked me if I wanted a ride! Still suspicious and careful, I asked him how much the cost would be. After a few seconds, he offered me 50rps!!(which is not a lot of money at all! Less than an American dollar)

Still really shocked and surprised, I said yes, and hopped in. It was very seldom to have a random person that you don’t know offer you a cheap ride in India. Haha still, I was trusting in Jesus and felt peace about this!

So we had conversation and got connected to each other. While we were in the car, I only noticed I had 35rps with me that was loose change. I figured that I would get some change when I got to the hotel that I was suppose to meet Kima in.

When we arrived, I was appalled to find that they didn’t have change in the hotel!
So praying to God to do something, I came back to the driver (whom I found out was a taxi driver) and told him about the predicament. After a few seconds of finding out that I only had 35rps, he gracefully took it, said goodbye to me, and drove off! And I was left still shaking my head in what just happened! Was I dreaming or did I just make it to my destination 30mins early paying only 35rps?? JESUS IS AMAZING!!!

Summary of the rest of day:
-met Kima and ate breakfast.
-got in the bus and took a 3 hour amazing journey up this mountain with a scene of surrounding mountains plus crisp clean air!
-made it in time to meet up with the regional director in Kalimpong where she gave me a tour of the city.
-arrive at her house to help her with a painting project for a conference in Nepal; along with speaking to the husband about the town, high places, spiritual atmospheres, historical places in the land, and schedules for the couples of days there.
-helped paint a canvas for the director’s wife of the land of Canaan.

Prayer requests:
-pray for the next couple of days in this place to be productive ones with little time spent in this wonderful place!
-also please pray for rest tonight as it will be a busy day tomorrow!
-please pray for a greater understanding of God’s love!

Sorry guys for the late updates!

Much love from India!!


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