INDIA182: Day 122 debrief. . .


Theme of today!

Sunday worship + china garden with Silvia + movie night!

This day was full of unexpected events like going to china garden and eating the best Chinese food since 4 months ago with a lady staff at the base, Silvia.

Before all that unexpected mumbo jumbo, I followed Silvia to an English service church full international missionaries and ywamers. It was great to be in a community again with an international group.
After the service, there was man I got to connect with that was working in Sikkim! His story really fired up my heart for this area which was unreached and closed off to the world. I got to encourage him and speak in faith for the greater awareness of his ministry!

After the sun bathing, after church, tea party had died down, Silvia and I decided to go get some good Chinese food!! Since my arrival, I was recommended by the leaders here of china garden and its exotic food. Yums!
It’s been a while since I’ve had Chinese food so it was a real treat to be able to get out of the Indian food routine. (Which I love! Don’t get me wrong.)

It was at that point in china garden eating chow mien and mushroom/veg soup, where Silvia and I had some serious talk about each other and Jesus. So. Good. (:
It was really a time where God used me to express the true focus in relationship with Jesus to Silvia where a light bulb clicked with a growing revelation about our awesome God!

The children ministry was brought to the base as about 15ish little boys were at the base as we fed them and helped them study and played games and taught them fun dances! Haha

And to end the day off, we got to watch Father Of Lights (a Christian documentary finishing the series of furious love and finger of God.)

Goodnight folks. Thank you Jesus!

Prayer requests:
– pray for a greater refreshment in the church this morning to have a greater understanding of who God is!
– pray for a greater revelation of God’s love to be known in the youth here that are so desperately wanting the truth.
– children ministry in Kalimpong as the staff have the chance to plant seeds of love at a young age to these boys
– pray for upcoming worship and intercession tomorrow in the high place as my limited days here are coming to an end.

Much love from India!!


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