INDIA182: Day 124 debrief. . .


Theme for today: Paint/encourage/pray for leaders + AWESOME TRIP ON MOUNTAINS to Darjeeling!!!

Today, I’ve got not much of a report but more of a praise.

Jesus is good all the time. And all the time, HE IS GOODDDD!!

Okay. Today, I gave examples to the leaders wife for finishing the canvas which is looking amazing! I also got to hear stories of the leaders brother being in the secret service; sky diving/halo jumping, all that cool stuff. And we had vegetables. Good God, we had vegetables home grown! Haha so good!!

After the lunch, I packed off, got prayed for by the leaders, and took my 15-20min stride up mountain with my 20kg mountain backpack. Hah! By the time I got to the bus station there to catch a taxi to Darjeeling, there were 30+ people waiting for the same transportation!! Trust God, He amazing provided a cheap taxi that took a shortcut up these mountains!! I have never fallen so much love with mountains in my life!
The view was historical. I could not put down my camera from the fear of losing a good shot! Part of God’s beauty just shook me that afternoon as I was staring in awe at the mountains range, having a pinkish glare from the setting sun.
I was awestruck by God beauty and kept asking myself whether I was still in India. Hahaha

I arrived safely thank you Jesus! A new place with an exciting set of days coming up!

Prayer requests:
-pray that I continue to rely on God for my strength and praise Him with the strength that He has given me.
– pray that these days will be revelational as I learn more about God’s love through whatever and wherever I see.
-please pray for the trust in God to continue to grow as He is leading me through this valley for a purpose for good!! I love you Jesus. And how could I expect to walk with out You?

Thank you guys for your consistency in prayer and support! God bless you!

Much love from India!!


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