INDIA182: Day 125 debrief. . .


Darjeeling. A city on the side of a mountain facing the third tallest mountain in the world. I remember arriving last night and seeing the glimmer of lights below me as the city lights of Darjeeling almost seemed reflect the stars glittering above.

I was awakened this morning by a slight chill trying to creep under my covers. The temperature had dropped dramatically from the previous place I was in. I have now reached the negatives and its lovely here!! The night before, I got to connect a little bit with the DTS there for dinner and then headed out for a walk around town with a new found friend, Sion.
The base here was pretty accustomed to outreach teams coming from Australia and was excited to see me come from the Perth base because they just had a team from there who I am good friends with!!

But yes, that was yesterday! Today, I took a step with the DTS team out around the city for a 2 hour prayer walk. It was a really an experience of beautiful scenery plus a long trek up and down the mountain. Haha good exercise plus a great view with Jesus!! What more can you ask?? During the walk, I had a greater chance to connect with the DTS and staff there. By the time we got back, we basically finished a marathon so we were pretty tired. Today really opened my eyes to the amount of exercise these people here do by just walking around town!

After arriving back to the base, I got meet up with the leader of the base, take him out for some good coffee to hear and learn about the spiritual atmosphere of the area and how the land was formed. Suman gave very interesting information on how Darjeeling used to be a military medical hub for the English military and later turned into a town.
It was really a blessed time where the both of us got to share with each other about our personal lives and where we were. I was also informed about the main spiritual high place that needs a breaking. Dipen really brought me a greater clarity with a picture of the trail of sacrificial blood that leads all the way down to another city starting from Darjeeling in a temple here. And the goals to break this spiritual trail. Let it be Jesus!!

Later that night, a group of us got to connect more through jamming with my ukulele and guitars and kongos. It was a pretty full day and I already feel like I’ve been there for a long time with good life-long friends! Praise the Lord!

Prayer requests:
City of Darjeeling:
(Most of these religions are mixed together as well)


Generational curse of spilt blood from wars and strive for ‘freedom’
There has been unrest until this year where the governmental party had changed.
Lack of Unity is the biggest issue in the community

-pray that I will continue to be discerning of His voice and what He wants for the time here! (:
-a team from Brisbane is coming later tonight so please pray for a safe journey here and a peaceful rest for tonight!
-finally pray for tomorrow’s worship and intercession

Much love from India!!


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