INDIA182: Day 127 debrief. . .


My final day in Darjeeling. I will truly miss this magnificent city up in the mountains; the mo mo’s, the base staff and students, the awesome view.

There was one last thing to do before leaving Darjeeling: go to the famous Kungas. (I have been hearing about this place since before I heard about Darjeeling. There is no way that I wouldn’t go at this opportunity.)
So, after the amazing intercession time with the base and the Brisbane team, I mischievously planned to have lunch with the Brisbane team before I leave. And where else would I have the lunch than Kungas!! Yes, it was all settled. And my recommendations were not disappointed at all. I feasted at that place. It was marvelous. Haha

But enough about food. Today was my last day in Darjeeling and I said my goodbyes, got into a shared jeep, and headed back to Siliguri. It was time for me to continue on my journey with Jesus though the short sweet memories will never be forgotten.

Prayer requests:
-worship and intercession will be filled with God’s grace and presence as 2 days after tomorrow will be the start of my official ministry in Siliguri.
-the following places that I’m planning to visit will be prepared already by the Holy Spirit in meetings and people and places God is wanting me to meet.
-please pray for the DTS in Darjeeling to be more focused and in love with Jesus as they continue their own journey with Him!

Thank you guys for your patience. Had to top up the credit on my phone so I lost the chance to upload my updates for the past few days. I will try my best to keep you guys as updated as I can!

Much love from India!!


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