INDIA182: Day 128 debrief. . .


I was literally in this building the whole day. Haha good stuff.

Theme of today: Movie Day Rest from ministry with Kima and Anan.

What I did today:

I woke up.

I went to the theater with Kima and Anan.

10:45am We watched our first movie called The Life of Pi. (AMAZING MOVIE. Would recommend it to anyone! A must see Hollywood movie.)

After movie: went to KFC for a bucket o’ chicken. (Yes, I am having fatty foods.)

Played games till 3pm

3pm watched second movie with a ton of school girls: Twilight, breaking dawn part 2. It’s actually a pretty ending with some action scenes. Caught me off guard.

Anyways, that was my day of rest, praise the Lord!

If you guys read through this update, thank you for your dedication and I would like to give you a virtual hug right now. Haha

Prayer request!!
-energy and strength for a class commissioning of SOFM.
-prepared appointments with people to be set for connecting with tomorrow at the lunch tomorrow.
-a preparation for my next destination to Varanasi to be secure.

Much love from India!!


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