INDIA182: Day 129 debrief. . .


The commissioning time for the SOFM was so of God. For Sunday, Kima, Anan, and I started off towards the base to have worship and send off the SOFM students to where God has called them to go!
It was my first time be in a commissioning where I myself wasn’t the one being commissioned. The worship lifted our spirits with simple songs some in English and some in Hindi. During the meeting, I also go to meet two Americans who were part of the frontier missions here in Siliguri who I was planning to meet later in the week. It was great to have the early opportunity to connect with them and be able to see their heart for this city and nation. The wife of the American couple, Cindy, had a final teaching for the students, and also for us before got to lay hands and pray for them.
It really felt to good to see a group of students focused and ready to go out to see God’s kingdom be revealed more in where they’ve been called. Their was just so many prophetic words flying around the atmosphere as we prayed and asked God for what to speak in faith for these students.

By the end of the meeting, I had gotten a great chance to connect with more new faces, including a person from Varanasi where I my next destination was. And I also said my final goodbyes to the familiar faces from the SOFM heading out of Siliguri the next day or so.

And after my successful booking of the train ticket to Varansi, we headed back home and ended our day there; know that Kima and I had a long day for us tomorrow.

Prayer requests!!
-please pray for Kima (the Siliguri base leader) and I, as we will be heading to several locations to do some prayer walking, worship and intercession. Kima has generously agreed to take me around the area of Siliguri to show me the high places for the next couple of days!
-also please be praying for God’s grace and presence to be with us tomorrow and the next few days as we will be heading to dark places but with the light of the world in us!!

I’m excited!!

Much love from India!!


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