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Merry Christmas!


May we remember the greatest sign of love on this day.

God bless you and I pray that you may have a great new season and year as this day was a sign of many new wonderful things to come!

Much love from India


INDIA182: Day 156 debrief. . .


Tis the day before Jesus birthday!! YAY!!

What a full on hectic yet exciting day!

To make this brief yet fulfilling, I’ll give you the main points for today.

The morning came about pretty early. Agreeing to support Robert, I got up at around 5:15am to pray and intercede for his finances and the place his team was going to! We really felt a greater peace and faith to hear God speak and give us words of encouragement from the scriptures.

By the start if the morning, the DTS teams were split up and ready for some friendly competition! We did dashes and dodges and sports and water games. The fun was unending! Though our “spring” team didn’t cut it to the top in most of the games, it couldn’t stop us from bringing it!

The day continued with Akita and dances that we have practiced as a team before hand for each other. There were grand cheers of joy and astonishment towards the night till we counted down the seconds to Jesus’ birthday. Christmas exchange happened quite quickly in our room of droopy eyes after the dance party of joy.

Happy Birthday Jesus!! I really am grateful beyond words that can express, how much Your light has brought eternal light in this darkness; for all to see and be drawn near to it; to be set aflame by Your love and sent out also to be lights in the darkness.

You are

And always will be

Prayer requests:

– I’m feeling a little sick so a quick prayer of God’s healing touch and protection to be upon me during this time would be greatly appreciated!

– pray that peace and joy and life be given greatly during this time towards those who have forgotten what this festive season really means! Because it was on this day, that the prince of peace was birthed in this earth!

And I pray that God will bless and fulfill your life, by revealing more of HS love and faithfulness right now. To whoever reading this, I thank you and wish you a very merry Christmas!

Much love from India!!

INDIA182: Day 155 debrief. . .


Theme of the day: Christmas shooting for the ones that are last minute and sucky. Thanks for God’s mercy. Hah! I joke.

A day till Christmas Eve! We have the base glittering and sparkling of beauty. Things are finally settling down and last preparations are made. For the day, I was invited to join a couple of DTS students it to the city for some last minute shopping. Being my second time out and about, I of course jumped on the offer and accepted.

The day was a humorous one with three guys walking down a shopping strip; the only ones with Santa hats on. YES, we were bringing on the season! We had such fun that day just trying out things and trying to find the perfect present for the Christmas exchange. And afterwards, we had to of course stop and have some mo mo’s! (Dumplings basically) BUT STILL GOOD! ALL DAY, EVERYDAY!

Great Scott! That was the day! Everyone was satisfied and happy with what they bought and eaten. YUMS!

Jesus’ birthday is really soon!! I hope you guys are ready for the joy! I pray that God will continue o reveal more and more of His grace and faithfulness to you!

Much love from India!!

INDIA182: Day 154 debrief. . .


I guess the sense of laze had come to this place. You know the feeling where the weather is already getting cold and your blankets are warm, so all you want to do is stay under them? Yes, the sense if laze has come indeed. And this usually comes the winter season for me; a time of hibernation.

I don’t really remember much if what had been happening today. There had been much preparation to the Christmas party at the base, along with some games that the DTS and staff are going to compete in. But other than that, I haven’t had much of a clue of what happened during the day.

Oh yes, this morning. How could I forget?
So a couple of days ago, I was talking to this DTS student about his finances. I really encouraged him to prepare for it and also gave him a testimony of mine about how God has provided countless of times in my life. He thanked me for the encouragement and told me that he has been waking up every morning at around 4-5am to pray and intercede for the finances! This really gave me a great encouragement and reminded me when my DTS did that together for our finances as well. Wanting to show my support, I agreed to accompany him and pray in the morning with him! Yes Jesus!!

So this, I do remember happening in the morning: interceding and praying with Robert; or his finances, the other students’ finances, and also for the country that he would be traveling to for the outreach phase.

Later that night, the whole DTS team was invited to go to the base leader’s home to celebrate their marriage anniversary! Woop woop! (I’m sorry, but I forgot how many years.) But above all of that, it was a really chilled time to connect and laugh the Dehradun base over some cake and chai.

Prayer requests:

– please pray for strength in Robert as he continues to pursue God each an every morning for breakthrough!

– also pray for the students in Dheradun to be able to capture the heart of God while they continue to know God during this time they have here!

– as you might have heard of the rape incident in Dehli, the base here in Dehradun has been interceding on her behalf and also on the behalf of other girls here in India. Please join us in this as we are standing here on this land to reject what corruption had breached it!

Much love from India!!

INDIA182: Day 153 debrief. . .


Theme of the day: Exploring the city/buying Christmas presents with Daniel + prayer and intercession at night for the recent rape incident.

Since my arrival to Dehradun, I haven’t had the chance to go out and see the city or even the area. From the busy schedule the DTS had, no one in the staff could really be able to bring me around for the day. That is one of the reasons why there was excitement a’brewing in my soul, because there was a new guy like me that came to stay for the holidays!

We chatted for a bit and quickly settled it. We were going out to the city today to buy some presents for the gift exchange; which of course included a chance to walk around.

So our journey was a pleasant one. We headed out via “vickrum” (basically a larger auto rickshaw which picks up anyone on the way) but that’s what they call it here. During that time, we just chatted and got to know more about each other. Daniel is currently taking a break from seminary studies and just decided to head up here to catch a breath of rest.

Most of our shopping today was down this long strip of stores selling all sorts of goods. We peeked and bargained and finally got some stuff for the coming up Christmas exchange. Praise the Lord! Check.
For the first few days in Dheradun, what I discovered is the length of time you seem to have each day. It seemed every single day would just flash by. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I haven’t been able to update this blog. Haha or the fact that a little bit of my laziness is coming back!

So after our endeavors around the city, we had just a little bit of time to grab some snacks for our room, have a cup of coffee to chat some more, and headed home.

And thus, our day ended in the city with my new found friend, Daniel.

Later that night, we gathered together to intercede for the nations and especially the recent incidents of the public rape in Dehli and school shootings in the states.

Prayer requests:

– please pray that this city will find a greater amount of rest and peace during this festive season!

– and also pray for a greater concentration for these last few weeks in India!

– finally, please pray for righteousness to be shown in India as there has been a great amount of incest and violence brought up this time; especially with the rape incident in Dehli.
And also for the recent school shooting in the states. Please pray for the leaders in government to have wisdom and discernment in how to face this issue. That this area will be covered with hope, life, and joy which is the opposite of what the enemy had brought into the area.

May God comfort us and give us rest during this time. That no tear we have shed, He have not felt.

Much love from India!!

INDIA182: Day 152 debrief. . .


Remember a couple of days ago, I went to a concert? Well in that concert, I also mentioned that I met a few fellow Americans that were learning Hindi here? What I failed to mention, was that one if the guys that u net invited me for lunch! It’s even the first time, since my prayer walk to the Tibetan colony, that I’ve been out and about in Dehradun. Okay, that’s a lie. I heads out to the post office with a friend to reliever a parcel but that was about it.

So today was exciting.

After his studies, David headed over to the bales to pick me up and we headed out to a place called Chhaya! THE FOOD WAS THE BEST. I got meself some delicious chicken pot pie along with Swedish pancakes (pancakes with Nutella in the middle.)
That seriously made my day. Hahaha

Also, during our wonderful time in Chhaya, I got to know David more from his shared testimony of God leading him here to India. So good!

David also explained that this restaurant was owned by a Christian lady who uses this place to help widows/single mothers by job opportunities, and also teaching them how to cook, be also how to sew!

After our lovely lunch, we decided to talk some more over some coffee. By then, he was filling me in, on more if what the organization he works for us doing and his progress of learning Hindi. And on my part, I got to let David know more of what YWAM was all about!

What a lovely day!

Prayer requests:

– please pray for this restaurant to continue flourishing as God blessed these women to be lights in this place and an encouragement for the women that have lost hope!

– also pray for David and his team to continue being effective not only in their studies, but also effective in their evangelism with others, through the love that they display and give in Christ!

– may my hunger for the Lord ever be strong and willing! And may my heart be ever willing to hear His still small voice.

– tomorrow will be a day of prayer and intercession! May God prepare our hearts to be ready to intercede on behalf of those that know Him and those that do not. Let God’s grace be given tomorrow and received on behalf of the ministry that God has given us of reconciliation!

Much love from India!!