INDIA182: Day 130 debrief. . .


Jesus, You are the light of the world!! Thank You so so much for today and how much of a revelation You’ve given me of Your power and strength!

Jesus light did indeed shine in the worship and intercession places we went to. It was amazing to see how much the atmosphere can change by just 10-15min of God’s children going into an area and interceding for it!
Kima brought me to the administrative offices of the city. Immediately I felt a sense of corruption and greed in the area. As I did some prayer walking, the sense of injustice and unrighteousness was really heavy on my spirit and it didn’t go away until Kima and I talked about it and interceded on its behalf.

During my worship and intercession times, when there are usually more people, then I would take my iPhone and listen to some worship music while walking around the spiritual high place. But for today, God took the opportunity in me forgetting my iPhone to focus more on the spiritual atmosphere of the locations that Kima was taking me to. So sorry to let you guys down but there aren’t that many photos that will be up for today!

For the second location, Kima took me to a Buddhist monastery for some prayer and intercession. While we walked around the temple, Kima filled me in on the history of the place and what the different idols of Buddha and their beliefs. While walking around, I got a chance to walk up to the ledge leading up to the peak and pray for the place and the light of Jesus to shine forth in the place for those search so long for their path to enlightenment.

To end the day, we arrived at a Buddha temple where the Dalai Lama from Tibet would come once a year to summon spirits upon the earth.
The whole day, except for a little bit of the beginning, was a joy filled day know that our words were impacting the area and people that would enter and visit the place; knowing that the Holy Spirit was now dwelling in that area to bring God’s love!!

Prayer requests:
-pray for the areas of the strongholds that I just visited today and for the Holy Spirit to stay in that place as a light and a guide to lead people to Jesus.
-pray for strength for tomorrow as I will be heading to the remainder strongholds in the area for worship and intercession! Jesus, I love you!!

Much love in India!!


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