INDIA182: Day 131 debrief. . .


Theme for today: worship and intercession at the largest Hindu temple in the area + mercy ministry visit

From the day before, I have really felt the spiritual weight have a little affect on me, as this morning was quite a struggle to wake up. But through God’s strength, I pushed forward towards the last locations of strongholds in the area.
It was great to see the atmospherical impact Kima and I made towards the areas we were in by just walking around and being a light in the darkness.

I couldn’t help but find an excitement from my tiredness to see what else God wanted to use me for today!
We arrived pretty early this morning in the temple to have as much time as we could to intercede for this place. As for the Hindu temples around the area, it was one of the largest and oldest.
We spent most of the time having prayer walks and releasing the Holy Spirit in the area which is so good!!
It was really an experience to walk into the inner temple which looked like a cathedral and read out scripture I pray in faith will remain etched in the walls of the place.

It was surprising to see that after prayer walking for this place, we had already spent the whole half of the day interceding for this place. We hurried over to the mercy ministry location with a friendly greet by the staff and a hoot from Kima’s dog.
We spent the remainder of the day talking to the staff and helping around the ministry which sub purpose is for housing widows that are rejected by society.

Prayer requests:
-please pray for the final stronghold which most of the Hindus of the area go to from fear of the god shiva. May the Light that we set aflame in that place continue to be a way for the lost to be found!
-also pray for the mercy ministry here: a greater amount of energy from God to continue providing for the widows, along with the evangelism they have everyday in the village their surrounded with!
-today is my last full day in Siliguri! Please pray that tomorrow’s travels will be smooth and efficient as the time grow short for the many places that I want to visit before my journey up this mountain with Jesus ends!

Much love from India!!


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