INDIA182: Day 133 debrief. . .

I was awakened with a grace and strength that only God can give. My phone had died the night before so I couldn’t set an alarm for my arrival to when I should get off the train. I only trusted that God would provide a way for Him to wake me at the appropriate time to get off.

God woke me up at 5:30 am. I dosed a bit before realizing the urgency to pack just in time for my stop to arrive. And by God’s grace, the passenger sleeping below me was getting off at the same station! Jesus is good!

Upon arrival, I found a mobile charging station right next to where I got off as well to charge my phone to call the base leader that I had arrived.

Surely, this was NOT by coincidence. And thinking about it now, I am so so thankful for His guidance because I was still so dozy from the lack of sleep the night before.

And upon my arrival, I got to get into an auto rickshaw within moments of charging my phone a bit and contacting the leader! Praise the Lord!!

I arrived safely to the appointed area where I got to meet Vivek(the base leader) for the first time. We chatted a bit on the motorbike ride to his house but really got to enjoy the conversation along with his wife when we arrived at his house. Since I had a little bit of time before the scheduled outreach that Vivek had provided for me, I quickly got an interview with him about the spiritual atmosphere, how the land was formed and the spiritual strongholds of the area.

Though I had a little amount of sleep, God had still given me some strength to travel around with Garima whom gave me one of the most amazing tours that I’ve been in. Upon arrival, I didn’t expect to already head out and visit the high places and pray for them already but praise Jesus!! So good!!

We walked from temple to temple which were the biggest ones or oldest ones that have had a strong spiritual darkness in them. And we prayed for grace; for God to answer the prayers of the children that do not know Him yet because He loves them that much! We also prayed for the spirits of distraction and fear to be forever gone, replaced with the Holy Spirit to guide these people going here back home to the Father! Let it be Jesus!!

Then we arrived at the Ganges river, a river that was worshipped everyday and had cremations thrown into.
We gracefully took a private wooden boat and rowed out to the middle of the river. I took out my ukulele and we had worship and intercession; dedicated this river to Jesus to make clean though it had been so corrupted and polluted, He can make a way!!

After the worship, I lit a candle that we bought on the way and dedicated it as a permanent light for this place and I let it float in the river. So good!! Afterwards, we headed in the boat around to the ghats at the coasts of the river that were worshiping the river and prayed for them as well! (: God will open their eyes!

This is something I never expected coming to Varanasi for the first day! Praise the Lord!! Such a good day!!

Prayer requests!!
-the main worship here, is the worship of shiva (the god of death). It is said that this god is the guardian of the city and it rests at tip of his trident. Please pray that this will be broken when the Jesus shines brighter than the fear brought in this place, and the lost may be found when the eyes are opened!

-pray for a continuous covering of grace as I walk around and in these temples to release the Holy Spirit to drive away the darkness and bring in love

-pray that the words that I have prayed this day will sink deep into the city with a power from God to see His glory shown in this place!!

-and finally for some good rest tonight! Thank you guys! You are champions

I love you Jesus!!

Much love from India!!



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