INDIA182: Day 134 debrief. . .

Memories from the night before still echoed in my mind.

I woke up with a fresh start and a good rest from the night before! I had only stayed in this house for a night and spoke to the leader of the base and his wife Garima for the same amount of time, but it seemed a lot more than that. It was really a blessing to be able to meet such a joy filled, chilled, fun, and hospitable married couple!

We had a chat in the morning over home made coffees. Garima apparently didn’t have such a good rest the night before from a headache so we cancelled the plans we were gonna have today, and I headed with Vivek to the base office to connect with some more of the people that worked here.

At the office, it was a joy to be able to connect with this wise wise man, Anand. I got the chance to tell him about this vision that God has been growing in my mind to further connections in India, and to my surprise, I found out that he has been working on something similar to this for almost 10 years!! We exchanged visions and variables for the project and found out that he had the resources and I had the potential build for it!! It was such a good talk, that he invited me to his house to further out the talk and brainstorming.

For Anand, I got a really good opportunity to partner with him to get this going!! This day was so so exciting in gather more information and resources for a confirmation in what God brought forth as a need in this nation! Such an encouraging day with meeting Anand and other staff at the office who had inspirational stories that brought them to learn Hindi and come here to witness and love the lost!

Prayer requests:

-pray for a further confirmation in planning of when and how this vision will come to existence!

-pray that I will continue trusting in God to provide the guidance in what is next as I am still on this journey of observation until the 6 months are over! After, I know God will confirm where, when and how!!

-also pray that God will continue to give me greater revelation of His grace and love as this will overflow from me to others!

-pray for strength and persistence and hope!

Much love from India!!


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