INDIA182: Day 135 debrief. . .


I thank God that the staff here are so good at scheduling and flexible that by the time I got here, the schedule for me was already in place!

The plan for today was to meet up with new staff named Deepak and travel with him to one of the high strongholds in the city. It was told that they would need my passport to be able to enter in!
Deepak and I met up pretty early and chatted over some brunch at one of the stalls. It was really encouraging and inspiring to meet up with this young man on fire for ministry and working with reaching the blind in Hinduism. We spoke and quickly clicked in friendship. Him and his wife has a wonderful wonderful testimony about his journey to arrive here in India!!

We slowly made our way to the temple. It was super crowded with many tourist wanted to go in as well! To my dismay, I had to remove all of my items except my passport to get inside. So no pictures for you! Sorry!

It was an interesting enter as we successfully made our way into the inner courts where people were pushin their way inside this gold-plated temple to give blessing and sacrifice to shiva (the god of death). We entered as well and prayed for the releasing of the Holy Spirit. The atmosphere of the area was very tense and dark but quickly changed as we walked in with the light of the world in us! We circled around the temple a few more times and prayed for the people in the place while discerning for what God wanted us to pray for. The surprise was our sense of hope and peace falling in this place. It was amazing to be in such chaos but find a presence of hope and peace!! Jesus is there!!

With a victory grin, we talked to a few people in the temple and shared our love to them. And then with prompting of nothing more to do in the place, we both headed out.

We continued in our trek around the significant areas of India and got to know each other more along the way.
After the prayer walk, we headed up to the ashram where Deepak and I was staying for the night. The significant thing for this ashram, is that it is an ashram for the worship for Jesus! Just the contextual use of the Hindu culture. I was in awe of this place of refuge as I explored the floors and met new people that stayed there and found out that this place was more than 200 years old!!

And that was when I met another good friend, Josh.
Both Deepak, Josh, and I clicked really well immediately as we chatted and talk about our testimonies and about their travels and experiences.

Looking at these foreigners here, it was such an inspiration to see their heart to learn Hindi and step into a completely different culture to reach those who don’t know Jesus.

For the rest of the day, I spent my time with the people in the ashram, chilling with Deepak and Josh, and watching furious love at night before drifting in a deep needed sleep.

Prayer requests:

-pray that the time here will be educational as I spend one more day here in the ashram for worship and prayer and quiet time.

-also pray that our visit to the temples today made a impact to the area through the Holy Spirit now dwelling in that place! May our words spoken be ever planted in that place to cry out in intercession for God to move radically in that place!!

That’s about it folks

Much love from India!!


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