INDIA182: Day 136 debrief. . .


Deepak, Josh, and I woke up with chai provided for us in bed! Why what a treat we have there! Splendid!!!

Though out today, the three of us got to have photograph sessions, chatting sessions, vision exchanging sessions, prayer sessions, and what the future may look for us. We can really get chatting until the sun goes down!

We left the ashram a little late in the afternoon to make up for a worship and intercession meeting at Vivek’s house. And unexpectedly, I was recommended to lead it without any say in it. Haha
With the little time I had to prepare when I arrived there, I trusted in God’s grace to move as He would!
That night was heated up by the Holy Spirit as we stepped into the presence of God’s throne room! The worship was such a good time of release and trust as the main focus was on Jesus’ kingship shown in the place with the trust and rest we find in His faithfulness in it!

We had dominos for dinner. And I’ll end it with that!!

Jesus!! You are full of love and grace more than we can understand!

Prayer requests:

-pray for both Deepak and Josh as they are trusting in the leading of the Holy Spirit to guide them to what’s next in their lives!

-pray for a greater revelation of God’s grace in our lives!

-please pray for strength and persistence for tomorrow as it will be my second to last day in south Varanasi! Let me leave this place with a bang of love!

Much love from India!!


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