INDIA182: Day 137 debrief. . .

To end last night, Josh and I tried to watch father of lights but failed miserably due to both of our lack of energy and ability to keep our eyes open. Haha

It was an interesting day today. When I woke up, it seemed like I just washed up on shore from cast away, the movie. (An amazing movie if you haven’t watched it)
My sinuses were killing me slowly. Haha I knew that I was allergic to dust but had never experienced it to this level! But whether with snotty nose and droopy eyes or not, I was heading out to finish this final day! For the final full day in South Varanasi, Vivek was having a staff meeting so he invited me to come and explain the vision God had given me to start in India. It was a simple presentation that was translated into Hindi which had a really good response!

It was really encouraging to see Vivek and the others to agree with this and be ready to partner in it! At the beginning of the meet, we also prayed for each other and wrote down spiritual gifts and encouragements for each other!

After the staff meeting, Deepak and I decided to head out for one last meal together. We feasted on some South Indian food and cooled our tongues down with some lassi. It was amazing. Such a good friend from such a short time.

I had agreed to meet up with another staff to help her out with some online resources so I headed there straight afterwards!

Computer work, allergic sinuses acting up, and finishing dinner.


Prayer requests:

-may this allergic sinus leave me in the name of Jesus!! I had taken some anti allergy meds so it should help a bit with my droopy eyes and snot. Haha

-please pray for a good rest tonight and I will be ready to head up to north Varanasi by tomorrow with a clear non-congested mind! I need strength Jesus!!

Thank you guys for your prayers and intercession!

Much love from India!!



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