INDIA182: Day 138 debrief. . .


was a set back, BUT with a good laxed (relaxed) day to finish my time in south Varansi.

So the plan was to head straight to Varanasi this afternoon after the prayer meeting in the morning. I packed up my things with excitement.

BY THE WAY, my sinus problem is gone!! Praise Jesus!!

The only issue was that the base leader asked for an extra day before I could come. And since Vivek’s wife was planning to head up to north Varanasi by tomorrow as well, I figured, why not?

So the expected day changed to a day where I got to meet up with a team from Idaho and have a good chat with Vivek. An unexpected day but good that God had given me a day of rest.

Prayer requests:

-pray for the Idaho team that had just arrived to India to be covered by the grace of God. May they be ever fruitful in their obedience towards God and His heart for the people that they reach!!

-also pray for Garima’s headache. May Jesus bring healing and rest to her so that she can have strength for tomorrow.

-and please pray for the trip tomorrow to a new location God has prepared for me to go and observe and serve in.

Much love from India!!



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