INDIA182: Day 139 debrief. . .


The day has come for my departure from south Varansi. It has truly been a wonderful experience in this place with these new found friends that I will truly miss and wanted to revisit!

For Garima, the bitter truth is her headache has gotten worse to vomiting and now she is in the hospital. Jesus help her!

Vivek having to look after her wife, ordered me an auto rickshaw to take the solo trip up to the location of north Varanasi! It was amazing to be out and about again.

I had a good talk with Narendra, whom happened to be Garima’s father, and also in the first DTS in India!! Crazy ancient wise man, this guy. Haha

And from meeting this kind humble man, he filled me in on the spiritual atmosphere and pressures of this area of N. Varanasi.

After lunch, he showed me the way to the base and brought me to connect with the widows place which is connected right next to the base. (: it was really touching to be able to see the widows and encourage them as much as I can.

Also, during that time, I got to connect with more of the staff and got to go to a near by village and help in some children ministry!

And to end the night, I was gifted with a bike to ride around in for my time here. That’s right, my riiiideeee. Haha

Prayer requests!!

-pray that God will show me more of His glory and heart in this area as I connect with more and more people of different shapes and sizes!

-pray for the children in the village I visited today to be graced by the love of God in their early foundations in learning and dreaming!

-and finally continue praying for the staff of the children ministry to be refreshed with energy and renewed with strength for what God has called them to do!

Much love from India!!


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