INDIA182: Day 140 debrief. . .


A discovery from discernment being my second day here: it is a very slow winding city.
I have discovered this while being in the base today and seeing how everyone worked. The people chatted and sat and chatted and sat.
There weren’t any ministries for me to do today but it didn’t stop me in helping out Ravi with some of the tech business. Through out the rest of the day, I got to chat with a few of the elders that have been at the base since the beginning and gave me more information on some specifics on the city.

I was astonished to see such a difference from the north to south. As I headed back, a greater understanding of the spiritual atmosphere here come about as what I have learned connected together! The root of these things are to be stopped in these places so that there may be a complete stop of all of the blind activities happening here.

When I reached back to Narendra’s house, Garima had already arrived and we got to chatting about her health and how Vivek was doing. Though out the rest of the afternoon, a couple of us just gathered and chatted about random things. And that’s that. Not much to report from the north side of Varanasi!

I got to meet amazing people and connected! Good enough for me for one day!

Prayer request:

-pray that God will ever guide me around this place so I can be ever used in this area!

-also please pray for my heart to be opened even more to the needs in this city and find the what to call out through knowing His heart for it!

Much love from India!!


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