INDIA182: Day 141 debrief. . .


So it’s that time of the journey, where you start having the feeling of your gears slowly unwinding, and you have a choice to let it which would lead you to slow your pace to a chuga chug? Or you could wound them up again a snug bit till the finish arrives. I don’t know if you could ever relate with that but that is the extent of what I could say I am feeling at the moment.

I guess being in a slow paced area where there is a scarcity of things that could happen, really makes a man think about where he is.

I woke up this morning with Jesus. Isn’t that a nice way to wake up?

He told me to cancel my plans and spend the day with Him. I adoringly said yes and accepted His offer to expand my horizon of who He is and who I am in Him. I started reading this book called the Divine Conspiracy. It’s been a mind boggling, deep enriching book which I have yet to finish.

The revelations were waves after waves which brought so much joy, I was laughing at the book and proclaiming praise the God out loud! Of course this brought a few confused looks from the people surrounding me but I was with Jesus and still am so what does it matter??

I took a small break for lunch when Jesus reminded me about the appointment I made with an Australian guy that was working at the base here. I thanked God for the reminder and took my bike for the stroll to the base. Everything was so magical and eye opening because of the revelations that I had just received early this morning! I was enjoying life to its fullest and brighter in my thoughts about this place!

When I arrived, I arrived right on time which surprised the Australian guy, Kym, who was just arriving as well! We had a small chat, as I interviewed him about the spiritual locations in the area and the history behind them. I was recommended by many to reach this guy and I surely was not disappointed!

Kym, gave me a great download of the history behind north Varansi and the myths behind that as well. The fact is that Varansi used to be predominately Buddhist. He then told me of the activities his team and other teams have been doing for this place since the 90s. This information really inspired me to have a greater picture of this city and the location of some of the roots of corruption that had been placed by the enemy.

After this nice, encouraging chat, Kym gave me a few more resources to keep for further use and I set off to one of the 2 locations for some Worship and Intercession!
One of the areas I was recommended to go to was quite a quiet place with a few people wandering about. It only took me about 10mins to arrive there from the base. I walked around and prayed for the place, releasing much more hope and love. While I was waking around, I also had the chance to pray for some people and talk to them. I found a structure of some kind, climbed up and did my worship and intercession! It was such a peaceful time, knowing that I was meant to be there and that the words said would take to the area. Jesus is good!!

And after a visit to a monastery and prayer waking around there, I sensed that my work was done there. And from there, I lazily took my time to ride back home.

After arriving back to my stay, I got to help Narendra with his newsletter and after, he continued saying,”it is such a blessing.”
The simplicity here still astounds me; being in India. But I can see that I am slowly sinking in it as well. And it’s not a bad thing. Not at all.

Prayer requests:

Strongholds to pray for in this area of N. Varanasi:
-drunkenness (not just alcohol; knowledge. . .etc.)

-marihuana is free if cost with a purchase of a drink or snacks.

-pray against deception in this area.

-people that come here often feel some sadness/apathy/hopelessness/ loneliness. Pray for a greater amount of hope and joy for this place!

-the name of Varanasi has a root meaning: city of light. May that be so again as God comes and continues to move in this place!

-a redemptive gift here in Varanasi is worship so feel free to pray for Varanasi in your worship time as I will be worshiping here as much as I can!

Thank you guys for your prayers!! These prayers are what change the city!!

Much love from India!!


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