INDIA182: Day 142 debrief. . .

Theme of today: bike 20k through traffic to railway station. And back.

My journey with Jesus yesterday was phenomenal! It was really good to see God’s silent power in the places I was in; slowly working in and around the area.

I had a slow start to the day. The rising excitement of moving to a new place plus the saddening thought of leaving all the friends I have made here for these 2 weeks came forth this morning.

I knew that I needed to order my ticket today. And since I was helping Narendra with some tech most of the morning, I had just a small amount of time till it would get dark here: 5-6pm.

Narendra gave me a quick sketch of the railroad station whereabouts, expected me to ask around for these famous areas or spots, and let me get to it on my bike! It was like a scavenger hunt with locations. Super exciting!

I headed off and dodged the blazing obstacles of cars, bikes, and buses while traveling a total of 10 km down and back! A new record for me! I don’t know if I ever rode a bike for a far. Haha it was an amazing experience with a bonus of exercise!

So my ticket is booked. I’m heading off to DehraDun the day after tomorrow. I didn’t die today by the grace of God and am excited to travel some more on my bike tomorrow!

Prayer requests:

-strength for tomorrow and the bike trip to another area of Varanasi for prayer and intercession!

-blankets and preparation for the jail ministry in this area to provide for the male convicts with warmth and love.

-a set and focused mind l finish this journey strong! I’m almost there!! Jesus is good!

Much love from India!!



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