INDIA182: Day 143 debrief. . .


A little detour to a nice quiet place + Varuna sangam: the shore that lifted my spirits.

Today’s bike journey consisted of many much more of traveling than I had expected. It was a simple deal which Narendra explained through pen and paper; which I’m starting to enjoy adventurously! And then I was off in search for these locations! Knowing a bit of the whereabouts that lie ahead.

The final full day in north Varanasi, with a final goal, on a final chance to pedal through near-death traffic. Fun fun fun! Seriously.

During the bicycle trip, because of a slight detour, I arrived in a place which I would never forget. The scenery was just amazing! And to take a quick breather, I set up my bike and sat down eating a banana.
It was not too long until an old man walked up to me and talked to me about the place i was looking for!

Varuna Sangam, the place to be. After a few more turns here and there. I have found you.
It was a quiet shore next to two interceding rivers, one of them being the Ganges river. A people were chatting and taking pictures; along with a few others flying kites.
I took in a deep breath at God’s beauty and majesty. I love how much joy that comes with His creation!
I silently thanked God for this place and then noticed a big tree with an old temple next to the shore. I was again reminded that this area was the root of many of the Hindu temples.

I quietly walked around the place, praying for breakthrough. And that God would bring His love to this place and for His presence to dwell and change more of this area towards His glory!

And from there, I got to watch the sun set. I got the satisfying peace in my heart and knew that I was done.

I took my time to head back and now packed and excited for what’s next! Jesus, let you’re voice and light be ever heard and visible in this place of Varanasi!

Prayer requests:
– strength and persistence for what’s to come!

– more of an understanding of how to trust God! May His will be done!

– and please continue praying for Varanasi as it is named the city of light, will once and for all, fulfill what God has called it to be!

Much love from India!!


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