INDIA182: Day 144 debrief. . .


Full day train ride with a sick’y.

Days on a train are set to another level when someone gets sick.

Long story short.

I woke up. I said goodbye to good’ole Varanasi. Arrived just on time to catch my train and who else would be seated next me but a fellow American traveler as well!

The rest of the day was just chatting with her and showing her God’s love. Sucky thing was that after our lunch on the train, she happened to get ill. For the rest of the night, I was praying for her as a kind mother next to us took care of her.
And praise the Lord! By the end of the night, she was healed! It was really an encouragement to see God’s grace and strength being shown in her!

She departed to her destination and that was that!

For now, I’ll try to get as much sleep as I can! A few more hours till my arrival to Dehradun!

Please pray for strength and energy for tomorrow!!
And praise the Lord for what He has done today!

Much love from India!!


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