INDIA182: Day 145 debrief. . .


Theme of the Day:

An unexpected calling upon my first day in Dehradun.

From the busy night on the train, God had still given me strength from the little amount of sleep I had.
The only downside was, on the day of my arrival, there happened to be a taxi and auto rickshaw strike. So that was a problem. Haha
But through God’s grace, I was able to contact the leader of the base here, and have them come to pick me up! Dehradun was a breath of fresh air from the dusty atmosphere of Varanasi. And! I always love seeing new faces and meeting new people so today was already a good day! Lala (the Dehradun base leader) had a small chat in the van and scheduled a more proper time to come together to chat. But little did I know what God had in store for me when I arrived.

We traveled a small distance out of the city into the outskirts where gorgeous mountains and trees loomed in the horizon. We came to a humble building where the DTS students had just finished playing some volleyball; heading inside for lectures. Having little to do, and ignoring my tiredness from the night before, I headed up as well to check out what was being taught. I truthfully, at the time, had little expectation for what God was going to reveal to me.

This week’s teaching for the the DTS was on the Holy Spirit.
The teacher gave a brief but clear introduction about His characteristics and traits, and then, towards the end, asked if anyone was confused. Being quite honest in my confusion for what was happening next in life, I raised my hand, not know what was going to happen next.

And to my surprise, the teacher called me up to the front of the class as a representation of the power of the Holy Spirit. He then called the DTS class forward to lay hands on me to pray. What they prophesied next was so of God!

Since the beginning if my journey with Jesus, what He continued to for me was the chapter if Psalms 62. I really knew it was God speaking to me because the DTS students were basically reading my mind and what I have been feeling for the past month! I have been really tired and a little frustrated on the many choices and opportunities that have been brought up from visiting many places. I was losing patience and not trusting in the Lord for what was coming next.

It was during this time that God’s grace had struck me with confirmation of waiting and trusting in Him. But above all, to rest in Him and all would be fulfilled in time.

I broke down, aware of the weariness that caused such stress during this last week.

So for the rest of the week, I have decided to take a little break from the Internet and updating my blog, so my focus can be completely in Jesus and what else He has for me.

And yes, I rescued a little puppy out in the rain that was stuck outside. We named him Sam.

Prayer requests:
– please pray for a greater amount of rest for me as I will continue to trust in God and listen to Him.

– also pray for no distractions to come in between Jesus and I as I refocus my life this week!

Thank you so so much for your understanding and prayers! This journey will continue and finish! But for now, I will just choose to rest in the Father’s loving embrace.

Much love from India!!


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