INDIA182: Day 147 debrief. . .


Another new fresh day in Dehradun with Jesus!

Getting to know the DTS students a lot more from the past few days, I decided to head out with one of the teams for their local outreach every Thursday! For this team’s outreach, we were to head to a Tibetan colony and pray for the people and place. Along the way, God of course caught my attention with His awesome creation!

As some of you may have heard, since the takeover of Tibet by China, there have been burnings happening by the Tibetans. Because of the anger and sadness and desire for ‘freedom’, some Tibetans would burn themselves to death to protest against this act! And through this act, there would be some ‘retribution/righteousness’ in their lives, so their religion says. It was a very tough thing to hear when I first found out about it. And so, through out our time I the colony, we just prayed against the spirit of anger, sadness, and hatred. We silently walked around the area and prayed for these people who are children of God whom do not know Him yet.

Prayer requests:

– pray for the Tibetans around India and around the world to be able to find the true Light. And then truly find freedom through Him!

-also pray for a greater amount of God’s love to be shown in these colonies!

– and pray for this colony to find rest and peace.

God is good all the time! I trust that what we have done and will continue to do prepares this place to be a place where God’s glory will be shown!

Much love from India!!


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