INDIA182: Day 152 debrief. . .


Remember a couple of days ago, I went to a concert? Well in that concert, I also mentioned that I met a few fellow Americans that were learning Hindi here? What I failed to mention, was that one if the guys that u net invited me for lunch! It’s even the first time, since my prayer walk to the Tibetan colony, that I’ve been out and about in Dehradun. Okay, that’s a lie. I heads out to the post office with a friend to reliever a parcel but that was about it.

So today was exciting.

After his studies, David headed over to the bales to pick me up and we headed out to a place called Chhaya! THE FOOD WAS THE BEST. I got meself some delicious chicken pot pie along with Swedish pancakes (pancakes with Nutella in the middle.)
That seriously made my day. Hahaha

Also, during our wonderful time in Chhaya, I got to know David more from his shared testimony of God leading him here to India. So good!

David also explained that this restaurant was owned by a Christian lady who uses this place to help widows/single mothers by job opportunities, and also teaching them how to cook, be also how to sew!

After our lovely lunch, we decided to talk some more over some coffee. By then, he was filling me in, on more if what the organization he works for us doing and his progress of learning Hindi. And on my part, I got to let David know more of what YWAM was all about!

What a lovely day!

Prayer requests:

– please pray for this restaurant to continue flourishing as God blessed these women to be lights in this place and an encouragement for the women that have lost hope!

– also pray for David and his team to continue being effective not only in their studies, but also effective in their evangelism with others, through the love that they display and give in Christ!

– may my hunger for the Lord ever be strong and willing! And may my heart be ever willing to hear His still small voice.

– tomorrow will be a day of prayer and intercession! May God prepare our hearts to be ready to intercede on behalf of those that know Him and those that do not. Let God’s grace be given tomorrow and received on behalf of the ministry that God has given us of reconciliation!

Much love from India!!


One thought on “INDIA182: Day 152 debrief. . .

  1. Alphra Tse says:

    This place is beautiful. 🙂 Is it cold right there?

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