INDIA182: Day 154 debrief. . .


I guess the sense of laze had come to this place. You know the feeling where the weather is already getting cold and your blankets are warm, so all you want to do is stay under them? Yes, the sense if laze has come indeed. And this usually comes the winter season for me; a time of hibernation.

I don’t really remember much if what had been happening today. There had been much preparation to the Christmas party at the base, along with some games that the DTS and staff are going to compete in. But other than that, I haven’t had much of a clue of what happened during the day.

Oh yes, this morning. How could I forget?
So a couple of days ago, I was talking to this DTS student about his finances. I really encouraged him to prepare for it and also gave him a testimony of mine about how God has provided countless of times in my life. He thanked me for the encouragement and told me that he has been waking up every morning at around 4-5am to pray and intercede for the finances! This really gave me a great encouragement and reminded me when my DTS did that together for our finances as well. Wanting to show my support, I agreed to accompany him and pray in the morning with him! Yes Jesus!!

So this, I do remember happening in the morning: interceding and praying with Robert; or his finances, the other students’ finances, and also for the country that he would be traveling to for the outreach phase.

Later that night, the whole DTS team was invited to go to the base leader’s home to celebrate their marriage anniversary! Woop woop! (I’m sorry, but I forgot how many years.) But above all of that, it was a really chilled time to connect and laugh the Dehradun base over some cake and chai.

Prayer requests:

– please pray for strength in Robert as he continues to pursue God each an every morning for breakthrough!

– also pray for the students in Dheradun to be able to capture the heart of God while they continue to know God during this time they have here!

– as you might have heard of the rape incident in Dehli, the base here in Dehradun has been interceding on her behalf and also on the behalf of other girls here in India. Please join us in this as we are standing here on this land to reject what corruption had breached it!

Much love from India!!


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