INDIA182: Day 155 debrief. . .


Theme of the day: Christmas shooting for the ones that are last minute and sucky. Thanks for God’s mercy. Hah! I joke.

A day till Christmas Eve! We have the base glittering and sparkling of beauty. Things are finally settling down and last preparations are made. For the day, I was invited to join a couple of DTS students it to the city for some last minute shopping. Being my second time out and about, I of course jumped on the offer and accepted.

The day was a humorous one with three guys walking down a shopping strip; the only ones with Santa hats on. YES, we were bringing on the season! We had such fun that day just trying out things and trying to find the perfect present for the Christmas exchange. And afterwards, we had to of course stop and have some mo mo’s! (Dumplings basically) BUT STILL GOOD! ALL DAY, EVERYDAY!

Great Scott! That was the day! Everyone was satisfied and happy with what they bought and eaten. YUMS!

Jesus’ birthday is really soon!! I hope you guys are ready for the joy! I pray that God will continue o reveal more and more of His grace and faithfulness to you!

Much love from India!!


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