INDIA182: Day 156 debrief. . .


Tis the day before Jesus birthday!! YAY!!

What a full on hectic yet exciting day!

To make this brief yet fulfilling, I’ll give you the main points for today.

The morning came about pretty early. Agreeing to support Robert, I got up at around 5:15am to pray and intercede for his finances and the place his team was going to! We really felt a greater peace and faith to hear God speak and give us words of encouragement from the scriptures.

By the start if the morning, the DTS teams were split up and ready for some friendly competition! We did dashes and dodges and sports and water games. The fun was unending! Though our “spring” team didn’t cut it to the top in most of the games, it couldn’t stop us from bringing it!

The day continued with Akita and dances that we have practiced as a team before hand for each other. There were grand cheers of joy and astonishment towards the night till we counted down the seconds to Jesus’ birthday. Christmas exchange happened quite quickly in our room of droopy eyes after the dance party of joy.

Happy Birthday Jesus!! I really am grateful beyond words that can express, how much Your light has brought eternal light in this darkness; for all to see and be drawn near to it; to be set aflame by Your love and sent out also to be lights in the darkness.

You are

And always will be

Prayer requests:

– I’m feeling a little sick so a quick prayer of God’s healing touch and protection to be upon me during this time would be greatly appreciated!

– pray that peace and joy and life be given greatly during this time towards those who have forgotten what this festive season really means! Because it was on this day, that the prince of peace was birthed in this earth!

And I pray that God will bless and fulfill your life, by revealing more of HS love and faithfulness right now. To whoever reading this, I thank you and wish you a very merry Christmas!

Much love from India!!


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