INDIA182: Day 158 debrief. . .


There were ups and downs today. A couple of days ago, we had some pork for dinner. Do not get me wrong, the pork was amazing! The only problem was my stomach and digestion didn’t agree so much. Through out today and last night, I didn’t find much rest physically. I wasn’t able keep anything inside my body without my body pushing it out. Haha Also, I was astonishingly asked to teach for 2 days in the DTS but had to decline the first day because of my health.

After a few more rounds of spending my day in the toilet, the staff an I decided to go to the hospital to get a quick check up.
When we arrived there, the doctor immediately admitted me because of my lack of hydration and sickness for the last couple of days.

I’m so so sorry I have’t been able to update this blog till now. I really appreciate your faithfulness towards me even in the last days! The main reason for my delay in writing out these updates was because of my sick days and time spent in the hospital.

You must be asking, ‘what could be a positive for today?’ Well I have about 2 that I can think of right now. One is the many failed attempts to get a needle into my veins because if my lack of hydration, so the doctor kept on poking me which I found partially hilarious because I’ve never had this problem before!
Second, is getting to connect with this guy from the base named Manoj. He had just come back from helping out in Thailand and gratefully decided to stay the night with me at the hospital, which I also found to be sweet and humorous as the same time because they has never happened to me before either!

My plans are to stay here for only the night as they pump me with IV drip and antibiotics non-stop. Fun stuff. God is faithful though! His love never fails! I will overcome this!

Prayer requests!

-strength for tomorrow and vigor from the Lord!

– a greater protection both physically and spiritually

– Discernment in what I will take in for the next couple of days so that this sickness will pass quickly!

Thank you sooo much for all the prayers and intercession on my behalf! I have felt every last one of them through the amount of grace and mercy and faithfulness that the good Lord has shown me!

Much love from India!!


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