INDIA182: Day 161 debrief. . .


Theme for today: God is not a Christian.

The swami really taught today, our role as followers of Jesus and what it really meant to be the salt of the world!

He gave us such a greater revelation and understanding of God’s from the barbaric culture and sacrifices and treaties that God had never taught us to do. And now, it is set as a “needed principe” to be a Christian.

The swami also gave us an understanding of not putting the curry in the salt but sprinkling the salt in the curry or burger, or Swedish meatballs. . .etc.
We have set such a standard in pulling cultures down to ‘truly’ follow Jesus which was not how He really taught it!
We are to be lights in the darkness rather than lights in the light!

There is so much more as I had anticipated the night before! I am so so grateful that God had set this appointed time where the students and I had a chance to open our eyes and hearts towards a new understanding if who we really are and how we should really reach the lost in different cultures and different religions.

Praise the Lord or such a good teaching and discussion time, and I pray for more this revelation of who God really is and who I am in this!

My bus leaves at about 3:30pm so my time Dehradun is up. I have enjoyed you all so much and you will surely be missed! I know that God will continue to reveal Himself in your lives as He will in mine! Stay strong, joyful, hopeful, resting, and secure in the Lord!

Next destination: Dharamshala!!

Prayer requests:

– more grace and love would fall on this swami that is being light in the darkness towards his own people!

– a good rest and journey to the mountains!!

Much love from India!!


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