INDIA182: Day 162 debrief. . .

Today was an early start.

The bus ride was a quick experience and I didn’t remember much from the constant state of sleep I was in.
The bus came to a halt on the last bus stop planted in slanted slope.
I have arrived in the mountains. The shrill chill that welcomed me as soon as I stepped out of the bus gave me a slight shutter in my prepared layers of clothing.

It was 5am. I was texted by my host to give her a call/text when I arrived. She was such a champion to suggest such an offer of hospitality; A hospitality, I had already tasted in Dehradun with her mother, Esther, so I could already see the resemblance of heart they both shared.

I took a taxi up the winding slopes where my wonderful host, Aradhana, was waiting for me. I could see that she was still stumbling about in her consciousness so our chat was brief. She showed me to the guest house, and that was the morning.

I awoke again with the sun seeping through the curtain and settled to myself that I would not let this day go to waste.

Since both of us did not have lunch, Aradhana and I decided to head to a restaurant nearby to grab some grub for our grumbling stomachs. I also will not fail to mention the magnificent glory of the Lord, through His creation, that towered around me.

I have been truly flabbergasted with such a privilege and love, to be able to see such beauty.

After our lunch and friendly get-to-know-each-other chat, I was automatically lured to venture about this village. It was a start of many more hikes to come, as I trekked around in awe of God’s glory!! Jesus!

I got a little lost here and there but found my way back to my homey guest house where Aradhana was hosting a few girls in a team from France that have come to do outreach here in Dharamshala.

We immediately clicked and added each other, in our ‘heartbook’ as ‘friends’, though we all were internationally diverse.

And I was invited to watch the Avengers. What better way of expressing love than that?

After chatting over a cup of chai, in an apartment built on a mountain, over looking other mountains, in the shadow of the Himalayan mountains, I was done for.

Later that night, I got to meet up with the rest of the team, whom I have fallen deeply in love with. It seemed like we had known each other for ages! It was reunited reunion, of some sort; with hugs and laughs over some good Indian food and a movie to end the night.

I really like this place this already.

Prayer requests:

– please pray for a continued renewing strength that God has given since my arrival here!

– may I continue to rest in the Lord and trust in whatever He had for me here; knowing that my obedience in action takes a greater effect than I could ever imagine or see!

– NYE is tomorrow! (New Years Eve) I do pray for a blessed one for all of you as a new season with God approaches! I’m excited for you!!

Much love from India!!



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